Echo the Port into the City

The Global Youth Culture Forum 2018 on Jeju island in South Korea invited international artists and architects to inspire urban change through creativity. As a participant, I developed a proposal with the architect Gador Luque. We were both invested in researching the island’s fishing port, and ended up agreeing that it was a fully functional place in itself; why would we change it? It seemed to not fit into the smooth urban development as desired by the political entities, rather than posing a problem. By visiting the fishing port every day at different times, we learned about it; it was an intersection between the female fishing tradition and new technology; a common ground for spirituality and business; a space for work and serenity. As a consequence, we developed the idea “Echo the port into the city”, an appreciation, rather than try to change of the fishing port as it is. The concept is based on creating a collaborative documentary project with the port workers and the local university that would be projected at different stages in different parts of the city. Our role would be to channel, rather than define, the site’s and its users’ immense cultural and historical importance that is worth supporting and valuing actively.